Welcome To Blockworks

BlockWorks is the seal for quality and precision and a leading choice of blocks for building projects.  Over the years, we consolidated the exercise of utmost care and attention to details in the production of building blocks, interlocking pavers, slabs, curbs for a wide range of clients in the building and construction industry.

Our production process are automated to guarantee the highest standard of craft.  We ensure a consistent deployment of specialized machinery to perform the task of aggregate mix, molding, shaping, compression, and vibration of blocks/pavers to achieve the finest finish before the blocks are cured.   Our workforce is made up of skilled and motivated personnel, who count on a coordinated, technology-driven, safe-environment to complement the quest to deliver quality blocks at affordable cost to clients.

BlockWorks Ltd is equipped with the capacity deliver over 10,000 blocks per day to meet the requirement of any building and construction project.